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The Best Options for Memorable Halkidiki Holidays - Sithonia Hotels to note down

Sithonia hotels are among the most prestigious across the entire Halkidiki

The picturesque mountainous terrain and the sugary sandy beaches maker Sithonia Halkidiki one of the most scenic places to spend your summer vacations – and not only. It is the second largest peninsula of Halkidiki, Greece, with notable tourist facilities for exclusive accommodation, recreation, sports, and more.

Coming here instantly means that you are spoilt for choice, regardless of what type of holidays you are after. In particular, Chalkidiki accommodation options cover all tastes and requirements. From camping sites and rooms-to-let to a wide range of Sithonia hotels for all budgets and studios, Sithonia can indeed cater to the needs of even the most discerning guest.

Truth be told, SIthonia hotels are among the most prestigious across the entire Halkidiki peninsula. No wonder most of them are featured in elite fashion magazines for their tasteful, and sometimes quirky, design and bewildering traditional Greek architectural allure.

One of the most amazing things about Sithonia is the fact that every place here has an irresistible charm – its very own character – capable of contributing to the creation of unforgettable, deeply carved memories. Take your time to enjoy the endless, majestic lands, the scenic harbours, the golden shores, the secluded bays that give way to vast fields of olive trees, the lush forests, the peaceful fishermen villages with the narrow cobblestone pathways, and the exquisitely designed, flower-filled houses and churches. Here, the blue from the cloudless Mediterranean sky meets the green of the verdant valleys, providing heavenly landscapes that become home to some of the most impressive Sithonia hotels.

Speaking of spellbinding scenery, Neos Marmaras is the go-to location for thousands of tourists annually. Being the largest of villages at Sithonia peninsula, Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan region and the place where you will find the most exceptional Sithonia hotels, Sunset Hotel included, of course.

Neos Marmaras – With a pinch of Cycladic appeal

Built amphitheatrically atop a total of three hills, Neos Marmaras offers mind-blowing sea panoramas and the most romantic sunset views ever seen by human eyes. Enjoy a leisure stroll along the streets of this lovely village and let your mind wander to the nearby Kelifos island that dots the Aegean Sea and all the way to Mount Olympus. Besides the natural attractions, though, the place is also characterised by a vibrant night scene that cannot go passed unnoticed. You can now begin to understand why the majority of the most favoured Sithonia hotels are found here, right?

One of the oldest tourist establishments in Halkidiki is located at Neos Marmaras, featuring a casino, a horse riding club, golf course, and a marina where thousands of luxury yachts dock every year, among others. Nevertheless, besides accommodation cut for the needs of the rich and famous of this planet, there are several Sithonia hotels with a distinct customer-oriented focus which provide affordable holidays for families, groups of friends, and couples alike.

Without having to empty your bank account to experience authentic Greek hospitality and VIP-like holidays, Sunset hotel is among the select few Neos Marmaras hotels with the most complete spectrum of first-class amenities and services. Well-appointed studios, elegant suites, tastefully decorated apartments, and stylish rooms – all featuring heart-stopping views – offer glam home-away-from-home experiences in one of the most picture-perfect Greek holiday destinations.

And, while sharing once-in-a-lifetime holidays with your loved one(s) at the finest of Sithonia hotels, do take the chance to dip your toes in the cobalt waters of the pristine Paradisos (Paradise) Beach located within a stone’s throw and walk the streets of traditional Parthenonas settlement higher in the mountain above Neos Marmaras – the vistas from up there will definitely reward you!

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